Tuesday, February 1, 2011

40 followers?? Wow! Welcome new followers!!

So my period is hours away from being over and as of this morning I'm 136. So I'm finally back down to my wedding weight. The diet was successful, however, all that fish day in day out just turned my stomach in knots. So I've modified it to fit more to the SGD. I really liked all the veggies I had to eat and figured that having fruits and veggies be unlimited will still keep me on track while using the rest of my allowance for protein and good carbs and fibre.

I'm starting 2days in (starting tomorrow) in full force. Yesterday I finished with 750 cals and today and after dinner tonight it will be 800. I will post every day (i miss you guys) with the allowance as my title for each day.

I've been searching for deals on vacations all weekend and I can't find anything for last minute for less than 900 after taxes. It would be cheaper to go to NYC for 5 days over Valentine's day (minus food and shopping)  than to get to the carribean. I'm going to keep hunting for a good price so wish me luck lovelies!!

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  1. Good for you for finding something that works and losing!! Keep it up. A vacation...nice!