Saturday, February 26, 2011

I just got my tickets!! woo!

So I'm feeling better(ish). I'm still a little nauseous but I'm not crippled over in pain anymore. Yesterday was just an awful day. I sometimes hate being a woman...well not sometimes...almost all the time but that's another issue.

I have a question? How do you motivate someone to start looking for a job? We're past week 2 of D not having a job. I haven't really fussed too much about him looking but he's not making an effort. I've left my resume open as a template and I've asked him to build his resume using mine as a template and then I would format and edit it afterwards for him. But he hasn't done that. He wants me to just write it for him. But when I don't know what to write I can't just write a resume for him. He hasn't even said what he's looking to apply to so I don't even know how to voice the resume either. I'm starting to get worried about our finances. We have money saved (thankfully) but it wont last forever. We need to start looking right now. My $16/hr wont last us much longer if he doesn't get a job. I can pay the mortgage but I won't be able to pay the bills or for food. Any ideas??

So, I had the ultimate comfort food for dinner tonight. My dad came over and cooked meatloaf with baked potato and coleslaw. (I had small portions) but it was sooooooo good. I only had 2 plums and some raspberries today at work so I planned for this meal. I have to say I haven't been this satisfied from a meal in a long time. I didn't eat much but I'm full (not overly) and I'm not craving anything at all :)

Anyways i have to run. D is getting curious of why I'm typing so much...


  1. Can he get unemployment benefits? Well, the time is NOW! I know it's a bummer what happened and everything and hey, it might be nice having a break from work but he's gotta do it fast. Time is of the essence. Bills don't wait.

  2. I'm with Fed up on Employment Insurance.If he qualifiesfor that it'll help with the bills.

    about motivation... i dunno :(

    ~ H

  3. he sounds depressed. Losing a job is like losing a loved one in some ways because a job becomes such a big part of your identity and daily routine. But I agree, the mourning can't last forever. :( <3RaeLynn