Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Writing at work...

So here I am on break at work. Dissatisfied, sick, and just plain angry.

I really need a new job. This is starting to be toxic for me. D went and visited with some old coworkers (friends) and they were saying that his warehouse is all up in a storm of rumors (no surprise there). What really got me was that the VP who was in charge of the investigation committee told his brother/roommate who then called his daughter to talk about it with her (one of our friends). It's absolutely disgusting. It's a private matter that doesn't involve them and it's very unprofessional. Especially since this VP is recently divorced for sleeping with an inferior from one of the american stores while on conference. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. I just want to do one shop at that store to make EVERYONE feel awkward and to tell his boss off. But I can't do that to D.

So I'm gaining again. I'm back up to 138 as of this morning. My eating has been awful. I need to pick back up on the SGD. I'm going to do it for the entire month of march and I will give up a few things under the guise of lent (march 9 and then for 40 days after). Its the perfect restriction guide. And every friday will be a liquid fast and veggies for dinner.

Reading all your blogs, I just want to say I am so proud of ALL of your successes. You are all fantastic women and such great inspirations. I hope to one day be the same for all of you. It's slow going, but I know one day I will get there.

Thanks Harlow and FedUp. Soon after I read your comments, D sat me down and brought up why he hasn't started looking. He was still in a bit of a depression, and wasn't feeling confident to move forward. He wanted to reassure me that I wasn't because he didn't want a new job, just he needed time. He was worried because I wasn't saying anything. So I'm a little more at ease, but still a little worried. We did discuss $$ and we figured we'll be fine for a couple more months.

Well, my break is over. It's time to swipe back in and get I'll update again soon.
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  1. ugh that really is infuriating to hear about the outrageous behavior of that VP. and that sucks about your gain. but I'm so glad to hear you and D talked about it and that you're not so worried! :D that's good. hope work isn't TOO awful <3RaeLynn