Tuesday, March 22, 2011

If this isn't enough reason to keep going...the comments say it all too...it seems to be the things guys like too...

male targeted sites are great for thinspo:


things are ok with me. trying to get into a real routine with working out on my own sans gym. I'm sitting nicely at 136. I'm coming up to my period soon so I think this extra lb is a bit of water weight. I haven't fluctuated since my 2lb spike last week.

food is back on track. lots of veggies...but i need to buy more. I'm starting to run out. I'm still running a little high but I'm coming back to where I should be.

anyways I'm sleepy and i don't really have much to talk about. i seem to be in a life slump. Just boredom. maybe i'll update more tomorrow.

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  1. Yay! so glad you're back! great thinspo! I always noticed theChive on so many thinspo photos, but I'd never actually been to the site. Thanks to you, I have! Oh, and I reposted your favorite photo on my blog, it was so awesome I wanted more people to see it. Hope you get out of your life slump soon, <3RaeLynn