Monday, March 7, 2011

Ok, here I go!

I have planned out exactly what I will be doing over Lent. I will be giving up first and foremost savoury snacks. This includes chips, pretzels, and pub grub when the hubby drags me out with his buddies. I will not have dessert at gatherings (this is where I usually eat the most of my sweets). I will keep carbs to a minimum and have at least one fasting day each week (liquid or water). These will probably be every Friday since I'm back on nights.

I'm going to fully go through the SGD diet with a couple of slight tweaks.

I am starting on Wednesday as tomorrow is Mardi Gras. I will indulge in the pancake dinner my family always has but only as a farewell to everything that I shouldn't be eating. Starting Wednesday, I will be consuming 400cals or less of anything other than veggies. I will move on through the schedule. I will be going to the gym before or after work 4 times a week for 2 hours.

This Saturday will be a liquid fasting day. I will be picking up a Booster juice on my last break (2:30) and will be only consuming water and my pills. I'm going out for a girls' night and I need to save my calories for the alcohol. I am very close to fitting back into my favourite dress (SO close!!!). This means I can't in any way have a pooch on Saturday night. I need to have a flat tummy that day if. Thursday night will be a lax night to empty me out and then very little on Friday and nothing on Saturday. I need to tighten up so I will be at the gym every day this week. (Photo will be deleted by midnight tomorrow)

So that's my plan. I know I start a new one every month, but this one I will stick to. There is no reason not to. This month is my month for change.

I am finalizing my resume, and I will be setting up appointments with head hunters/placement agencies for next Monday. I am getting super serious about this job hunt. I didn't want to use an agency at first because if you get a contract, they take a portion of your pay every week, but at this time I need the experience to get what I want and this is the only way I will get it. So a few contracts over a few years will get me the experience I need to get my dream job :)

Anyways, here I go again!


  1. dayummmm girl! you look smokin' hot! haha you pop that hip like a professional model! that's a really good idea, setting out a plan way in advance so that you know exactly what you're doing each day. I've been inspired! I think I need to do the same to make this week a good one! I've just started following and reading your blog, so you can just ignore any comments I make on long-ago posts (I like reading blogs from the beginning)! much love! <3RaeLynn follow me if you like @

  2. You sound so motivated. That's awesome! You can do it. Here is to a fresh start. Good luck with the job hunt.

  3. Everyone’s giving up stuff for lent… even though I’m not Catholic I kind of want to as well!

    Love your dress, green is my favourite colour & you look great :)


    Good luck with SGD diet, agree with fed up you sound highly motivated.

  4. You're looking H-O-T in that dress woman! *cats calls*