Sunday, March 27, 2011

I guess my this post should be a response post!

Wow! I think this is the most comments I've ever received on any post ever! Thank you all for your comments.

Firstly, I just want to appologize with my inconsistancy in blogging. I've just been in a bad funk. My weight is wobbling again (only 1lb but it's still getting at me) and with the onset of my period yesterday I just spiked another 2lbs. So I'm sitting up at 138 and, once again, because of my pain meds I have to eat so I don't get sick. Let's just say I'm not at 100%.

On to the responses!

FedUp: I'm glad I'm not the only one out there who feels like that!! It was under wraps for a while but since D lost his job I find myself having those feelings again when people start talking about all the stuff they do and buy.

Harlow B: I've actually been dabbling with the idea of taking another certification course. Possibly in Event Planning and get a Professional Public Relations Certification as well. It would probably take me a total of  12-15 months depending on work etc. But I think it might help me out.

RaeLynn: I guess I have my parents and school to thank for my tastes in music. My dad raised me on classic rock (mostly eagles and Fleetwood Mac) and Uni broadened my knowledge of classical music and meeting new people introduced me to new genres as well.

Emry: Thanks! It was hard to think these all up, but I had so much fun doing it!

Moonlight Misstress: I'm a big follower of the Marvel Universe (I'm especially loving the show Super Hero Squad). I'm currently reading the Walking Dead and Fables (graphic novels). I've watched a bit of Inuyasha but have never been able to get into it. I'm not a huge battle manga fan (all genres really). I'm cornier than that lol I love the Shounen and High School Romance ones. The manga I'm currently following is Skip Beat! and the anime I'm watching is Kimi no Todoke. AND on the video game front I'm currently replaying Fable III and going all completionist trying to get all the acheivements I'm also replaying all the Space Quest and Kings Quest games on the PC (yay text based adventures!).

To all: Yes I just exposed my true nerdiness. Deal with it! :p

Anyways, I don't have too much else to say but I will post again tomorrow :)


  1. I gave you your award back, cause you and your blog are awesome. Just because you got to me before I got to you doesn't mean I shouldn't get to tell you that. :P

  2. congrats on the award!! & how are those monthly goals going for you? They're so smart. (: xo A