Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hello lovelies.

So as I thought the spike I had on the weekend was water weight. :) I'm back down to 136 (still not acceptable but better).

I had a comment from A the other day on my last post. Her question was a wake up call. I lost track of my goals, and I'm not putting in the effort to work out like I should be (meaning I'm doing nothing). I am back on the monitoring my intake again and I have to have D stop making butter laden sauces. Last night he made chicken with a mushroom cream sauce. Who knows how many cals were in that sauce. My days are successful but my nights are awful.

It's hard to admit but I am failing not for external reasons but of my own fault and apathy. I just am finding hard to care these days about much.

D mentioned to me this weekend that I have an unhealthy obsession about my weight. I had to brush it off really quickly and change the subject so I need to tread carefully.

Anyways break is over I'll try to post again tonight.
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  1. i'm having the same trouble. my days are usually under 100, but then my mother decides on dinner&i can't always throw it out. cheers for water weight running off&for working out more. stay strong, darling.