Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Wow! Welcome new followers. I woke up this morning with 45, and I come back on tonight at 48!! Where did you all come from! I am honoured!

So my gym membership is now gone. So I now have to figure out my own workouts...maybe with the warmer weather I'll be taking walks, maybe attempt to run. I'll figure something out.

So this weekend was a success. Saturday I had a 24oz Mango Hurricaine (350cals) and that was it. I then proceeded to drink copious amounts of alcohol and danced my ass off that I think I burned every calorie I could have possibly consumed that evening. Sunday, I went for breakfast and had 2 poached eggs and some fruit. Dinner I couldn't escape it but I had some boneless wings and a couple of onion rings. The hangover monster took over. I had to take a laxie on Sunday night because I was really backed up (sorry for the TMI). Yesterday was good I stayed within the 400 cals and was well "cleaned out".

Today was a pretty good day. At work I had 2 tbsp of rice (50cals) strawberries (don't count) and carrots (don't count). When I came home D made homemade speghetti sauce and I had about 300 cals worth. So I ended the day was 350. Not bad but I could have done better.

My dad is putting my resume into his work tomorrow for a job in another division for me. I'm hoping this pans out and I at least get an interview. I honestly don't want to get hired because I'm his daughter but that I'm qualified and right for the job. I will feel so awful if that's the reason I make it to the end (that's IF I get an interview). It's the reason I want to leave Costco.

Anyways, I watched the Roast of Donald Trump. Mike the Situation from The Jersey Shore was on it and man was he a flop. He almost got booed off stage at a Comedy Central Roast. It was bad. Even Ice-T (yes he was in the audience) did a face-palm. Just absolutely, 100% brutal. You can probably YouTube it later just to see how bad it was...WOW. I don't know who his agent is but how the hell did he get on a Roast as a ROASTER!?????

Well I'm off to keep chipping away at my resume. Tomorrow is another 400 day. More strawberries, carrots and maybe a banana at work and then something light for dinner.

Off to read more of you lovely blogs!


  1. glad somebody else seems to like fruit&veggies as much as i do. stay strong, doll.

  2. woohoo! yay for more followers! haha yeah I saw a promo for the Trump Roast and The Situation was on it, and if they could portray him as bad in a 30 second clip, I can't imagine what it would have been like to see him in its entirety! keep chugging away at that resume :) stay strong sweetie, <3RaeLynn

  3. hope you got an interview! XX

  4. YOu are doing awesome! Your cal counts are amazing. Good luck with getting another job.