Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hello lovelies :)

So new day new morning and day is off to a decent start. I have a 500 cal day set up ahead of me.

Today my intake will be:

Breakfast (60)
1 slice Hollywood bread (40)
1/2 tbsp Double Fruit low sugar raspberry jam (20)

Lunch (210)

2 slices of Hollywood Bread (80)
1 1/2 tbsp egg Salad - home made (100)
Sliced beets (30)

Dinner (200)
My grandmother's goulash
Home made saurkraut and tomato sauce very lowfat I'm not sure the actual count but I'm going big on it so I don't eat too much. I'm going have a 1 cup serving.

Snacks and others (30)
This will be between some baby carrots and coffee

So my day is planned out. No straying and nothing else to pull me away from my plan.

I've spent my moring so far watching the Food Network. My favourite food porn is coming on next. It's called Chuck's Day Off. He has a restaurant on the Old Port in Montreal and he cooks the absolute comfort food.

Anways I'm going to do some crunches while I watch TV.

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  1. I find it so hard to exercise while I watch tv. I always start, but pitter out as I get sucked into entertainment. Good luck sticking to you're plan!