Monday, April 4, 2011

They say slow and steady wins the race...right??

Well I'm sitting/averaging at 135/136 now. Relatively stable for the last few days since my last post.

I did groceries yesterday and all I bought was fruits and veggies and low cal foods (my Hollywood bread and a small box of graham crackers). I've replenished my baby carrots (pretty much the only thing I eat at work) and I'm eating more salads.

So I have a new "event" to work towards. The sencond week of August I'll be going down to Stone Harbour, New Jersey for a week on the beach. So, I have 5 months to get down below 120. I will use these 5 months to just get to my UGW. I have more than enough time to do it but I need to be down that low by July at the latest (4 months) because I have to buy bathingsuits *shudder* and shorts *cringe* and summer dresses. 15lbs in 4 months is completely doable. You see all these "success stories" of people losing 20+ lbs in weeks and only going from average to awesome.

I think that what will be needed to fully acheive this will be in part not only D getting a job but finding a new job myself as well so I can 1) afford a gym membership and 2) start back up with a personal trainer again. Or, enrolling into the Tony Greco gym here in Ottawa (website). Here's the description of the 10 week program I would start with:

Lean + Fit is conducted of circuit training classes, resistance training, body fat composition analysis tests, a nutritional seminar along with a student workbook to track your progression along your journey.

When you first enroll in the Lean + Fit journey you will attend a comprehensive nutrition seminar to educate yourself on the most advanced scientific methods for healthy weight loss. Greco will teach you what to eat, when to eat and how to combine your food groups to give you the most energy for fat burning without losing valuable muscle, because when it comes down to it nutrition is the most important knowledge you can hold when it comes to weigh loss.

The Greco Lean + Fit classes are extremely motivating with plenty of coaching and encouragement from the instructors. You will never partake in the same Lean + Fit class twice! With different circuits each time you will keep your body guessing which allows for speedy weight loss to take place along with muscle growth. This 10-week program allows us to track your body fat composition analysis. We keep stats on your body measurements, weight, and body fat allowing us to show you your progression. When you become a Greco member our team, our clients and your journey will inspire you to go beyond your wildest dreams!

However, to do this, D and I will have to be back well on our feet.

Things are starting to get pretty tight for us these days. We've pulled all of our money out of our RRSPs (Registered Retirement Savings Plan) and D is looking into seeing if he can pull out his RPP (Registered Pension Plan). With our RRSP money, we can probably last until the end of the month but D needs to find a job by/before then. We've finally put out some resumes and we are just waiting to hear back from somewhere. It's been pretty stressful. I haven't been sleeping well. I've been getting sick, and I'm really losing motivation at work and I know it's impacting my performance.

I think this month will be a turn around for us. D is getting back to normal, he's no longer in his funk, and things just seem to be going well overall other than the no job issue.

Anyways, keep your fingers crossed that D will hear back soon from somewhere!!


  1. I hope some jobs come through for you both. And it's true. Slow and steady wins it! Do what you are supposed to do and over the long term the body will respond.

  2. I hope the job hunting is going well.

    That program seems really interesting, I hope you get the chance to try it :)

  3. that class sounds REALLY excellent for weight loss, seems pretty legit! nice job on the stabilized weight, and I hope D hears back from places soon! sending you my luck! <3RaeLynn