Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hello lovelies.

So I've started noticing a pattern. The day before my period, I have a significant drop in weight (ie. 2-3 lbs). Then the next day, I spike up an unreasonable amount (5-7 lbs). It's actually quite scary at what my body does during my least it's only a pattern and I slowly come back down to normal over the course of it.

I was unpacking some boxes the other night and I came across a printout of all the mantras and "tips and tricks" I had found around the internet. I had this copy at work with me so I could go back to it to give me that little extra confidence when I was really stressed or on the verge of eating something that could put me on the edge of a binge. I also found my crazy laxatives that did a number on me the first time I tried them. It was like a treasure chest of me from a year ago. I've now put the printout in my work bag so I can read it on my break. I've also started bringing my iPod with me so I can shut everyone out while I relax.

News on the job front: That guy I hadn't talked to in about a year? Well he messaged me back and he said he would talk to his connection for me and pass along my resume. He also said that he would keep his ear to the ground for me as well. So it went quite well. I'm relieved and not nervous. *Phew!*

This week has been pretty good. I cut back on all sweets this week and had salads ands sandwiches at lunch that were no more than 150 cals and then dinner I kept around 400 (a lot I know but hubby is cooking for me). I have been maxing out at around 900 every day this week at tops. I had a couple of 500 days but mostly closer to 900. Yesterday was the only day it went over. I went to videogames live with D last night and the stadium is right around the corner from where we used to live downtown and our favourite pizzeria. So we grabed one to go but I did keep it to one slice so I'm going  to guestimate that to be around 450, mind you I didn't have a big lunch and I had some baby carrots and dip in the car before the concert. I would say I topped at 1050 yesterday. The only bad part was that I ate the pizza slice at 11pm and then went to bed at midnight. So I didn't have enough time to both digest and burn the calories so it all went to fat.

Tomorrow I'm getting together with T and we're probably going to go to a yoga class and then walk around the market. I'm also on the road to another pair of jeans being too big. It's great but also not so great since I can't afford a new pair right now. That could changed if I can get somewhere with this possible job lead :)

Anyways, I'm off to relax and veg out for a little while and decompress from work today.

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  1. gosh I thought it was just my stupid body that goes nuts when I'm on my period! haha I usually bloat up a week before, lose a couple of pounds right before, then it goes back up and drops back down.. at least it's normal! thank god. love your blog, btw :)