Monday, April 25, 2011

Vote for me!! (Well my bag)

Hello lovelies!!

I've entered a contest with Bergdorf Goodman called Fendi Frenzy. I have "designed" my own version of their Fendi 2bag. If all of you lovelies could go and vote for my bag (here) it will bring me closer to a chance at winning the competition.

What they do is that on Friday, they will take the 5 bags with the highest number of votes and Bergdorf Goodman will select a "design" to actually run as a limited edition and they will send the winner their bag as a prize. So basically I get a chance to win my very own bag!

I would really appreciate if you go vote for me and pass this along to your own readers if you don't mind.

Note: if you don't want e-mails from bergdorf goodman (such pretty things) make sure to uncheck the box in the voting window.

Thanks everyone!!


  1. I'm always doing contests myself. Hope you win!!!

  2. I went to vote but I don't know which bag is yours. What is your id #?