Friday, April 22, 2011

Good morning ladies!!

So slowly but surely I'm getting my eating back on track. I counted my cals for tuesday (without modifying anything) to see where I was sitting at a day's intake. It wasn't great (almost 2000). So I've pulled out my LoseIt app once again and counting everything that's going into me. I have managed to cut it down to 1000. I'm slowly getting there. I've tossed out all junk, minus an angel food cake my mom brought over the other night for dessert (120cals/slice) since my period is coming up soon and I will need something to curb my cravings.

Yesterday I had 3 strawberries (15), 6 baby carrots (21), 4 graham crackers (120) and then for dinner baked chicken (142) with some quinoa with veggies (96), then my day's snacks: 1 serving of angel food cake (120), 2 macaroons (160) and 3 reese peanut butter cups (232). One of my co-workers brought in a smorgasborg (sp??) of cookies and candy for the department...when you're stuck behind a counter dealing with really annoying angry people on a busy day and you're prone to stress eating...yup that's me. Mind you I didn't do so bad, I had a tiny bit of restraint. If I hadn't had the macaroons and peanut butter cups I would have been almost 400 cals lower for my day putting me at 516 cals rather than 903 cals. I have even gotten D on this diet revamp with me...I'm refusing to buy him pop firstly because it's an expense we can do without, secondly he's been drinking 4-5 cans a day because he's at home and he can, and secondly I WONT DRINK ANY IF IT'S NOT THERE!!! I bought more peppermint tea so I can drink something else than water.

I've been sick for the past 3 days. Wednesday I woke up early to do a 30 min workout to get back into a habit but as soon as I started moving my body revolted and shut down on me...let's just say I spent some decent time in the bathroom before work that morning. I went home sick Wednesday night to try to sleep it off so I could go in yesteday. You see, since today (Good Friday) is a Statutory Holiday (at least in Ottawa/Ontario) I have to work my scheduled shifts before and after the holiday to get paid for today other wise I need a doctor's note. I was not a pretty sight yesterday when my cold/virus/what ever it was peaked. Not only was I sick as a dog yesterday, but they had me in the lobby of the store at a table (all doors wide open) in 5 degree Celcius weather selling credit cards. I changed it up by helping the counter but that led to the candy eating.

Anyways, today I get to spend at home getting better while cleaning like a mad-woman. Tomorrow, I have to show my house to my grandparents and aunt and uncle who are coming up for Easter. I hope to get a workout in today as well as eating minimal. Today, I can get away eating only veggies since Catholics can't eat meat on Good Friday (even though I'm not religious I really like having this to fall back on as an excuse). Food-wise, I plan on eating a max of 600 cals and burning at least 250.

I'm off for now to enjoy my tea and get my day started.


  1. I love my lose it app! There are other apps with way better databases but I've already started in with it and added a bunch of foods so I'm not switching. Hope you feel better.

  2. My husband is totally addicted to pop! I need to ban it from the house again! lol

    I hope you're feeling better!