Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hello lovelies.

So I got my new bottle of Hydroxycut Max Advance. MLM, I asked if they carried the Oxyelite Pro but GNC here in Canada doesn't seem to carry it  anymore. I'll have to check around at other stores but for now the Hydroxycut will have to work. What does the Oxyelite pro do?? Is it just a thermogenic or does it something more??

Tomorrow I'm going to brunch with my family and then we will be spending the day downtown walking around the market. I plan on ordering the croissant and fresh fruit (450 cals). Maybe I'll see if I can switch out the Croissant for just some plain toast...I didn't realize it was that much :s. Walking around tomorrow will be really nice, it's starting to get warm and tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and gorgeous.

I have to say I'm quite excited about getting back on my hydroxycut and waterex pills again. I can't wait to feel the jitters and get those energy surges again. I actually miss them.

Anyways tomorrow will be a new day and and beautiful one at that as well.

Today's intake was just a Mango Hurricaine from Booster Juice (290cal for 24oz) and a tall non-fat late (150 cals)


  1. You can get it on It's actually much cheaper on there then in the stores anyway.

    It's a thermogenic and a really strong appetite suppressant. I love it!


  2. ah I hope the hydroxycut will work for you! Good luck!

  3. aaah sunny days! so glad they're coming back now that winter is over and spring is here! have fun at brunch with the fam! <3RaeLynn

  4. Cheers! I hope the Hydroxycut works fantastically for you :) I've never tried any of those supplement things. If it works well for you, I just might go and get myself a bottle or two!


  5. wah, when are you going to post again?! miss you, <3RaeLynn