Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thanks girls for your well wishes. Unfortunately D lost his job. Is it wrong for me to just want to tell the company to F off? All I know is that if I ever see either of his bosses, and they try to talk to me I will be so nasty to them. They should know enough to just leave me alone.

The only good thing of this is that they paid out his vacation for the year so we have some $$ to last us a couple of months with my paycheques. Our vacation is now 100% cancelled and we will be spending next week putting out resumes and hopefully getting interviews.

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  1. Sorry to hear it. The vacation cancellation is a bummer too. Hopefully a better opportunity will come along. He didn't seem too happy there. How odd that must feel for you to still be working there.

  2. Sorry to hear he lost his jobs & you had to cancel your vacation. Hopefully he will find something else soon!

  3. i'm sorry, that seems so crappy and unfair. I hope a better opportunity for D comes out of this.

    ~ H

  4. I'm so sorry. Like Harlow said, perhaps as this door closes, maybe a better one will open. This is awful to read about:( <3RaeLynn