Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My thinspo

I know I never post photos of thinspiration (blogging around D doesn't give me much time to surf for images) but I want to create a post of the people I crave to look like and inspire me to get to my goals.

Candace Bailey
I just love how lean she is (and she dated Seth Green my UBER crush of 10 years) and how she can pull off super lowrise leggings and crop shirts.

olivia munn sexyphoto Olivia Munn Sexy Photo: Tiny Comic Con Outfit
Olivia Munn
My #1 Inspiration. I've posted about her before but her body shape and look is not like a model (but still awesome). She is probably my most realistic thinspiration.

Her discipline and dedication for her goals is what makes me think this is all possible. I just have to develop a drive like hers. If you want to know more about her she's started a blog about her journey to her next competition. Visit it at

Kaley Cuoco (Penny on Big Bang Theory)
Her weight fluctuates throught the seasons. You rarely see that with TV actresses or they usually hide it better. And she's just so gosh-darn-cute :)

And finally...

All of you!!!
You are my inspiration every day. Knowing we are all moving towards the same end result gets me through my day.

So those are the laides I strive to look like. They're tight, toned and fit but still curvy (minus candace bailey). I know I wont ever be super skinny and my body type does have hips but I can get a flat stomach and tone everything else.

Like I said, I just have to develop a superstrong discipline like T and I know I can do this. I just have a problem with apathy. *sigh*

So my table and chairs never came last night. So I'm off to yell at EQ3 on why I didn't even get a phone call of why my delivery wasn't going to show up. Yay! *holds up sarcasm sign*

I hope all you lovely ladies are having wonderful day!!


  1. I ♥ Kaley Cuoco =)

  2. I'm shaking my fist at EQ3 for you. You've certainly deterredme from shopping there.

    I creeped your besties blog, i like it! Reading I could tell she was a nice genuine person.

    I had never heard of Olivia Munn before this post but I agree she's good thinspo.

    ~ H

    Ps. No comment is ever to long (unless its from a spammer or troll!)
    have a good day :)

  3. haha I loved your Big Bang Theory reference, my friends and I write that in Facebook posts to each other! and yes, Seth Green is super cute :) did you see him guest star on Entourage or Grey's Anatomy? he was excellent, as always! <3RaeLynn