Wednesday, February 2, 2011



So today was very successful. I brought soup with me for lunch and a yogurt for snack (180 cals) and then for breakfast I had 2 pieces of hollywood bread (80) and 1 tbs of low sugar raspberry jam (20 cals) and then my manager bought mini-eggs for the counter today since it was uber slow and i managed to only have 100 cals worth (about 8 eggs). Dinner tonight is a massive amount of spinach, cucumber and tomatoes. I've had 3L of water and I'm on my 4th cup of tea. I think this day has been really great.

I managed to get my 30 mins of a workout in doing ab work so day 1 is a success!!

So as you saw below, my street flooded today when I got home from work. A water main broke and the storm drains couldn't keep up. So as of right now, we have no running water and only a pot of what I could save from the taps before it was all gone. So this will be an interesting night lol! The water has started to receed though. We'll see what the city will do now. I hope they come to fix the problem ASAP rather than later this week :S

Edit: any of my canadian readers watch the ottawa news tonight at 11:30 I just had CTV at my door (I wont be on TV) they helped D push the car into the driveway. They're covering the flood tonight!!!

Hubby is ordering pizza for himself so I'm scarfing down all this salad (sans dressing) to try to stuff myself as best as I can so I don't cave one bit. I only have 20 cals left for the night and I'm not wasting it on pizza!!

annyways off to read your blogs!!

Watch the news if you're in Canada!! lol

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  1. oooh on the news! that's exciting! glad to hear this diet is really working out for you :D and you can resist the pizza! YOU CAN DO IT! <3RaeLynn