Friday, February 4, 2011


I did amazingly well yesterday. I didn't go to work because of the GINORMOUS sink-hole at the end of my street from the previous night's flood. So no temptation from nosy coworkers and vending machines. I even trekked through backyards of 3 ft of snow and a 10 min walk to go do some cardio at the gym near-by (even paid the $15 guest fee) because I was going stir crazy at home. I did about an hour and a half on the recumbent bike and treadmill (approx 500 cals burned). So why is my ticker over my daily limit for the SGD? Chinese take-out. Yes, you read that right. The hole was filled by about 7pm and D and I had finished the last of our food (me veggies him junk). I don't know how many cals it was. We had sweet and sour pork (breaded and fried) beef with flat noodles in black bean sauce and mixed veggies in that bland sauce it always comes in. I'm just going to assume it was a huge amount and I've put myself at 600 because my day wasn't more than 300 with exercise is -200. That means dinner was 800. Blech.

Today is water, tea, coffee and G2 while I'm at work. I took 7 green tea pills this morning and I'm having a black venti Americano from starbucks as I type. After work I'm doing groceries and only buying veggies.

I also wanted to apologize to you all. I was looking over my old posts (I was deleting pictures) and starting back in the summer my posts were WAY more interesting. I feel that along with my life my blog has gotten boring. I feel that my blog is inadequate compared to all of yours. Your blogs are poetic, eloquent, graceful, strong, opinionated and/or informative. You weave stories and I feel as though I am immersed into your lives every time I read your blogs. I apologize for being flat, boring and repetitive. I love you all so much for staying and giving me that 5 mins out of your lives to read my ramblings.

I heart you all so much.
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  1. You aren't boring! I love reading your blog!


  2. I enjoy reading your blog! Chinese food is so darn good. At least you got some exercise in to compensate.

  3. awww don't say that.

    My blog is just selfish rambling, when I can post at all. Your blog is awesome!

  4. haha you're blog isn't boring! I can honestly say that I really enjoy reading it. and yeah Chinese food is a *itch- super calorific but sooooo delicious! whenever I see my grandpa it means that a Chinese restaurant is on the menu. <3RaeLynn