Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hello lovelies!

So this vacation week has gotten better-ish. I'm definitely eating better but my cals are still high. I need to get away from D. I can't seem to bring myself to skipping meals around him when he eats. But I am making better decisions. :) I did a Bikram class yesterday (first since October) and I missed it SO MUCH!!! I feel amazingly recharged! I think I'm going to go back tomorrow and take another class since they're open Family Day (weird Canadian Holiday).

Weight wise I'm right back on track. I'm now at 135. Yay! This is super slow going but it's getting there. I can't wait for work to pick back up again so I can restar the SGD. I am also going to make my way downtown to do Bikram at least once a week. I can't believe I almost forgot how awesome it made me feel :)

Today I'm going to my parent's for dinner and to do laundry. I am also applying to a few jobs today as well. I did some stretching this morning and when my muscles are feeling a little less stiff I'm going to head to the gym for a cardio workout and some arms. Here's to hoping I lose some more by tomorrow :)

Anyways, I'll post again later this week.


  1. so what is a bikram class? haha & good job staying strong! & losing that weight. I hope you lose some by tomorrow too! stay strong, xo A

  2. Sweet! 2 more pounds until you reach your next goal weight! I'm so happy for you ;)
    Good luck on your job applications

    Stay Strong & Beautiful sweetie <3

  3. Bikram, frig GOOD FOR YOU! those classes are tough!! I found a great Yoga studio I want to join but for the $$$$ and the limited free time I have for yoga it's not worth it :(

    135 is pretty darn good girl!

    ~ H

  4. WOOHOO! 135! I'm so happy for you! haha what's family day? is that like Thanksgiving without the turkey? you Canadians are pretty weird! lol jk haha :D <3RaeLynn