Monday, January 10, 2011

I'm still here...

Last week was just bad. I had obligatory meal after obligatory meal with family and friends all week. As a result, I am now back at my hovering 140s. It seems that no matter how hard I try, this weight just wont let go of me. I can crawl down to maybe 5-6lbs less only to spring back up like a slingshot.

D and I are going away somewhere warm the second week of February. This means I have 5 weeks to get bikini ready. I'm definitely thinking of pulling out my bikini bootcamp book and really tackling that workout regime/"diet". This regime has you working out twice a day. One workout is strength and calisthetics while the other is yoga or pilates. I just need to get into the habit of waking up at 6 so I can fit in the strength training before I go to work. The yoga I can do before bed.

To kick off this 5 week blast, today is nothing but liquids...well that's a lie. I have to go to my grandparents' tonight as D will be learning how to cure and smoke proscuitto, spek and sausages. He has taken it upon himself to learn the skill so that when my grandfather can no longer make it for the family he will be the provider. The only bad thing about this situation is that there will definitely be something fried, or at least very high in calories. I know I can just opt out of not eating, but then I will just highly offend my grandmother, the joys of coming from an Eastern European family. It is offensive if you don't eat the hostesses food...ALL of it. So today is only: Coffee, broth, tea, water and if I'm really feeling faint I'll grab a snack sized Booster Juice while I'm out running todays errands.

So far this morning I've had coffee and I dusted off my P90X DVDs (as now I ACTUALLY have space to do the workouts!! yay!) and did 45 mins of the yoga DVD. I have to say after 4 months of not doing yoga I'm definitely not as flexible as I was and the Vinyasas were really hard on my wrists. I love yoga but the Sun Salutation Vinyasa wreaks havoc on my tendonitis. If I'm done my errands early today, I'll probalby come back and do either the ab ripper or the Kenpo DVD. I haven't decided yet.

I've recently started exploring Twitter, and I have recently stumbled over something I'm not sure what to make of. He's one of the top trending topics right now. You can find his tweets under the name MrKennethTong. He's supposedly from the UK and he promotes what he calls "managed anorexia." His tweets are talking about how thin is how every woman should be and fat women are a disgrace.

Some of his latest tweets are as follows:

Kenneth Tong: taking away your undeserved confidence. Reminding ou not everyone is beautiful, that's just what they tell fat & ugly people.

Kenneth Tong: making fat girls more irrelevant than they already are, haven't you ever heard of managed anorexia?

Don't listen to them. They're all trying to make fatter. You're a mess as is. Throw the food away. Yo'ull be so much happier then.

The words lunch, breakfast and dinner should now mean nothing to you, you have eaten enough for a lifetime. Stop. You are disgusting. 

He's gotten a lot of attention from celebrities from the US and the UK. I'm not sure if anyone knows if this guy is real or fake. He's supposedly going to be releasing a pill he's calling the "Size Zero Pill." What are your thoughts on all of this?

Anyways, I'm off to get myself together for the day. I have an appointment to get my eyebrows done today (after almost 4 months of trying to manage them myself) at noon so I need to get my butt into gear.

Good luck today lovelies!! I hope I can begin to see the scale move its way down again soon!


  1. I love the P90X Yoga because it's intense and I often feel that in normal yoga classes I'm not getting enough exercise. Now you have a goal to work for which helps.

  2. I love p90x yoga! and my bf mentioned the other day there were additional p90x yoga dvds for sale through their website.

    I tried looking up kennethtong on twitter, but I couldn't find him possibly his account was deleted?

    I personally think his posts are rude/offensive. I don't like the tone of them at all, they seem to be written for shock value.

    he might have a thing about "managed ana" it's actually something I've been thinking about the past few weeks. I've been meaning to write a post on it...

    ~ Harlow

  3. ^^^ I agree. A bit too harsh.

    And I doubt his pill works any better than the rest of them.

  4. ugh family obligation meals! I feel ya girl, they can be brutal. One Sunday a month, my family likes to have a fry where they just fry everything in the deep dish fryer they got. Ugh! Props to you for doing yoga haha I don't have nearly enough patience to be so still and regulate my breathing! much love, <3RaeLynn