Tuesday, January 11, 2011

So the whole Kenneth Tong thing was supposedly a big hoax. He posted a formal appology on twitlonger about the whole thing. He said he had made a bet with a friend that anyone can become famous in a matter of days. So he used twitter as his medium and used a shock tactic with "supporting" managed anorexia.

On to other news. I'm backdown to the bottom of my plateau. Laxies and a liquid fast yesterday really helped. Today I had a small salad with some nuts and some dried cranberries (250) and then I had a latte (100). D is cooking some tuna for dinner with some asparagus (300) which puts my cal intake for the day just under 800. Not too bad for a day where I had lunch with my mom (I tried to get out of eating after she had said she had already eaten) and my hubby going all gourmet on me. Tomorrow I'll be going liquid again. I got D to buy me some rice milk so I can make a light smoothie for my morning "breakfast" after my workout.

I pulled out my bikini bootcamp book this morning and realized I can do the workouts every day. The circuit training should only take 38 mins with 15 mins of abs and stretching in the morning and then 15 mins of yoga in the afternoon. With my job having me walk all over the place and unloading and packing groceries will be added calorie burning. Saturday night is inventory so I'll be spending my day working out and resting and then I'll be counting merchandise. I'm working hardlines and the bulk wall that night. So any of you Costco members that means housewares and office supplies and the appliances along the wall when you first walk into the warehouse. So LOTS of heavy lifting!! Yay strength training!!

Hopefully tomorrow I'll see some movement on the scale :)

Harlow: what did you mean by you wanted to do a post on "managed anorexia"? That's one thing I haven't been quite clear on in this whole thing. Maybe I misinterpreted your comment but I would love read about something like that.

Fed Up: I really do like the fact that I have a concrete goal to work towards. I found that was what really helped me get the weight off for my wedding. After that, I just plateaued. I should see the scale drop again pretty soon!


  1. What do you put in your smoothies? I'd like to make some while I'm at home, and want them to be as low-cal as possible!

  2. i think "managed anorexia" is the wrong word, but I have been thinking the past little bit about the difference between Isabelle Caro, portia de rossi and victoria beckham. All have or have had various forms of anorexia, one has passed away from the disease, one has recovered and one has stablized her weight so that she is underweight but not losing.

    I think managed anorexia is the wrong term b/c ana has a way of taking over and making you spin out of control... but obviously people like VB are severly underweight and somehow manage to not slip out of control...

    hope that makes sense.


  3. what laxatives do you use? I haven't tried them yet, but I hear that they are really effective at cleansing the system and all that. You work at Costco? I love Costco! but grrrr it is so filled with temptation, ladies offering you samples of delicious things all the time! <3RaeLynn