Friday, January 14, 2011

People are just fucked...

So yesterday started off very well. Woke up and did 35 mins of circuit training and 15 mins of ab work. I had 2 egg whites (33) with hot sauce for breakfast along with my supplements and a shit ton of water. At work at about 3 I had 1 cup of steamed asparagus (50) and 1 portobello mushroom (50). Work has been work nothing new in that area.

I went on my second break at about 5 and looked at my phone and I had a message on my Facebook from someone I didn't know. Basically the message said that my husband has been cheating on me and I should be paying more attention to his flirty behaviour. All sorts of things like that. At first I thought it was just some prankster trolling and stirring up shit because the information they were giving was very vague and there was nothing concret a lot of hearsay. However, at one point, in the message they mentioned they wanted to taket his to his boss and named his boss directly. That sent me for a spin. Needless to say I was super freaked out. Thankfully, I was able to get in touch with D right away and we spent the remainder of my break talking about it. It was obviously someone just trying to cause shit and probably someone who has a grudge against him (probably a seasonal who didn't get kept on). I am just glad that my hubby and I always talk because otherwise I don't think we could have gotten through this as well as we did.

I'm taking the day off work today to just deflate and recover from last night's binge (got mcdonald's after work not good). D is going to try to get off early so we can spend the day together.

I just don't understand how people who have absolutely no connection to us feel they need to ruin a complete stranger's lift. Who does a thing like that. I think that's the only thing that really pisses me off. Seriously....what do they have to gain from destroying a marriage??

Anyways, liquids and fruit only for me today. I think I'm going to make myself a cup of tea and I'm going to start cleaning the house.


  1. I think you handled that situation well. Talking it out is always the best solution.

  2. It's good you were able to talk about it with your husband.

    I don't know why people do stuff like that.

    ~ Harlow

  3. WTF that is so messed up! People are stupid, trying to ruin a good marriage for no reason :( glad to hear you guys worked through it, you two sound like cute couple :D <3RaeLynn