Monday, June 11, 2012

Hello all lovelies!

So I did manage to maintain this weekend until yesterday/saturday night. I went to my parents' on Friday since my dad had been away on business all week and had just returned. My mom made home made ribs and pad thai. It's really awesome and probably I share this with my dad at being one of our favourite meals my mom makes. We then finished off dinner with some fresh Ontario strawberries (my favourite season!). I skipped the cream and just had them plain. I didn't want to overpower the sweetness of local fruit. Saturday, I went to the nursery with my mom and grandmother and helped them get things for their gardens. We went back to my parents' and I helped out in the garden (as much as my foot would allow me to) and did the cooking and tidying while I couldn't be working. We had burgers for lunch (I skipped the top bun and the slaw and chips) but then my grandparents came over for dinner and my mom made home made pasta and sauce. I think my mom thinks I'm skinny or something because she's giving me servings that match D. I don't see how she can think that because I'm sitting back at what I was before the wedding and she was criticizing me about my weight. Sunday wasn't too bad though. I didn't have breakfast, but I had a tall coffee frap light from Starbucks and then went to the beach. I spent about an hour blowing up balloons and then climbing trees to tie the balloons to them to help T get ready for the party. The food was all great (obvs because it's T) veggies, fruit, lots of water, and little wraps with only mustard. I had lots of veggies and lots of water. I got super burnt yesterday so I'm trying to nurse my shoulders to a point where I can wear a normal bra again (currently sporting a strapless) let alone a sports bra. I got back home and immediately applied aloe gel to the burns and then got changed to go to the movies with D and my cousin. D wanted to go to a patio for a beer before hand so I had a drink with him and my cousin. I didn't get any food at the theatre (woo hoo!) and only had my water. We saw Prometheus. OMG it was amazing! I suggest you go see it in IMAX (it's 3D but the 3D doesn't do anything) it is gorgeous and they calibrated the sound to make full use of the speakers! The theatre SHOOK at points in the movie. It was a great experience.

I bought new running shoes on Friday too. I have a pair of Saucony's now rather than Asics. I found that Asics dig too much into my feet at various points. These shoes feel like I'm almost not wearing anything!! Can't wait to give them a go in the gym this week!

So today, no food. Well I have a gluten/sugar/dairy/egg free wafer that's sectioned into 4 pieces. One wafer is 100 cals. So if I'm DYING (since I haven't fasted in ever) I can have a 25 cal nibble. I'm not even going to eat when I get home. No matter what D says. I've already taken my pills (thermogenic, diuretic, viatmin E + D, Omega 3-6-9 and chromium pilconate) which will put my stomach off for a couple of hours since it's alot to process. I also have a venti Americano with no milk I'll be nursing this morning. I plan on having at least 3L of water before I leave work today and I have my arsenal of teas for back up as well.

This weekend is yet ANOTHER food-centric weekend. Saturday I'm helping my mom make strawberry jam and compotes (read: local strawberries) and then I'm going downtown to sit on a patio with D and his work buddy and his girlfriend. I plan on doing a salad with no dressing that day because...Sunday, my whole family is coming up for Father's Day to smoke a turkey. Sunday will be my undoing. I will have to stay away from the nibblings that will be laid out as the turkey turns on the spit.

I really need this injury to heal faster. I want to get to the gym ASAP as my weight is just going higher and higher and higher because I'm not on my feet for 8 hours a day anymore. I think I will be bringing my lunches with me to work from now on. I don't know what they put in the food here but I can't control it and even the dressing for the salads are too high cal. I asked for beets to be put in the salad bar (double use as dressing) but they wont because they don't want to stain the kids' uniforms. So here on out, bringing my own lunches (read: more like snacks) to work. I need to drop these gained lbs in the next 4 weeks before New Jersey. I know I can TOTALLY do it. I just have to take control and not eating work food is step 1.

Well I should get to work lovelies, I have to close admissions for the coming year.

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  1. Food centric weekends are the best and the worst. It's nice to have outings with family and friend but the food temptations are killer. Hope you can get back to working out soon. It would be driving me nuts too.