Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hello lovelies,

So lets get the weight thing out of the way, I'm just holding steady right now. I've been going to the gym (3 trips in the last week).

I went to rib-fest this past weekend and had a blast with my family. I definitely ate a bit too much but it was REALLY good. There were BBQ teams from the southern states and we got to sample some real authentic southern BBQ. Each vendor had a different taste and style of rib. The ribs were the only thing I ate that day, and I didn't eat anything other than fruit at lunch to make up for the high cals of Sunday.

I have been making a good dent on my credit cards lately, however, I had to take my car to the shop yesterday because it broke down on us on Tuesday. So  I'm $500 in the hole again on my Visa. I plan on dumping the rest of my cash from my debit account onto my Visa to take a chunk out, and use my Visa for gas and groceries until next Friday. It's not so bad because we have meat so veggies and fruits will cost us topwards of $50 and the gas will be $50.

This Sunday is Canada Day. So it's a long weekend!! Woo! I don't plan on going downtown this year. Plan on saving some $$ and I just want to relax. D and I are hoping some of our neighbours are kicking around and we'll spend some time with them on Sunday and drink what beer and wine we have kicking around the house. So super low budget. I want to try to get to the gym at least 3 times before Monday, which is totally do able.

So you know how when you stand in front of your mirror and you poke and prod at your fat/bulge/lumps etc? Well, I pretty much accepted the fact that I would always be hippy and never be probably less than a size 4. I though my hip bones were just naturally wide. Anyways, so I was poking, prodding and pinching in front of the mirror being thoroughly disgusted with myself and decided to see how "hippy" I actually am by pulling back my love handles. Well, I could definitely be a 0. No doubt about that. I was F'ing settling. So my reward for paying off my credit cards (thing might sound counter intuitive) is to set myself up again with a personal trainer. I don't mean a 20 year old trainer at GoodLife, I mean a REAL personal trainer who will set me up with a detailed meal plan and 4 sessions a week until I get down to a 0/2. I have a $5000 limit on my Visa so I will save up $2500 in cash and put the other $2500 on my Visa. This will probably be doable after Christmas (I will be asking for $$ to go towards PT for my birthday and Christmas) and I should be at a 0 by April at the latest. In the mean time, I have to begin scheduling in my gym time. After this pay, I'm going to add to my "supplies" list a day planner (week over 2 pages) to slot my workouts into. What do you ladies think??

Anyways, I should get back to work. I have to write copy for an ad that will be going into a Chinese newspaper (it will be translated by a translator).


  1. I definitely think 5k is a lot of money! But if that's the only way you think you can get to your goals and it will truly make you happy once you get there then might as well spend the money and be happy instead of hating your body. If that is the ONLY thing you'd have on CC then I also say go for it but am a bit hesitant if it's adding to debt on top of other debt you have. You know, I'm the money girl!!! I have to put my 2 cents in on that angle. Enjoy Canada Day. We don't have that here...obviously!

    1. Thanks for your concern and looking out for me, Miranda :). I really take it to heart. And I'm glad you feel that you can say what you think to me. Don't ever think you can't!

      I probably won't go through with a full $5k for PT. The half that would go on the Visa would be the only thing on the card. I am currently keeping the card in my jewellery box so it's not in my wallet to tempt me.