Monday, June 18, 2012

Quick update

I hit 132 on Saturday after being sick Friday night. Didn't eat from noon Friday until noon Saturday. Had a total of 500 cals on Saturday to make me 133 on Sunday morning. After Sunday events I managed to stay away from the munchies all afternoon and had a large portion of the turkey (breast) and lots of salad. Had a bit too much dessert and didn't drink nearly enough water but only retained water and gained 1.5lbs. So today I took a diuretic and I have about 200 cals planned in consumption (including dinner) and I'm back at the gym tonight.

My bank account is at $0 so I can't spend anything at all this week until Friday. I have $50 in cash in my wallet that will be going mostly to fill my gas tank this afternoon. I will be broke again by Saturday because I have a lot of bills to pay this weekend. $200 to city taxes, $220 to my cable/home phone/internet bill, $100 pay off my cell phone, at least $50 to my Visa and $400 to my mortgage. So that gives me roughly $300 for the coming 2 weeks. That doesn't include gas for the car and groceries. D had a lot going to bills too so I can't fall back on him for some things. We're going to have a very quite 2 weeks in.

Well back to work. Just wanted to let you all know where I am atm.

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