Friday, June 15, 2012


So I'm still at 136.2. I'm not phased though. I'm still doing the fast 5 (fasting all day then eating a very clean low cal dinner at about 5:30). But I'm also paying attention to my body. I've had maybe 900 cals all week. I got up from my desk a couple times this morning and felt very woozy and light headed. Things were spinning a bit too. So I went down for lunch as today's meal was baked fish; had half a piece and a small salad with no dressing. I couldn't finish it. My stomach has shrunk and is not used to very much food in it. Even though I ate something mid-day, knowing that I don't feel like a bottomless pit is a good thing. I got some protein in myself and some veggies. This should hopefully tide me over until lunch tomorrow. I'm spending most of the day at my parents' making strawberry preserves and jam so I'll be expected to eat lunch and then a food filled weekend starts. So having a very small appetite is going to work in my favour!

So I only managed to spend 30 mins at the gym yesterday as D invited his assistant manager to stay for dinner. So I had to come home earlier than I had expected and cook so not to be rude (if I had left it to D the cals would have been WAY higher and not necessarily clean.

Tonight, I want to try to get to the gym again to make up for lost time but I have a house to clean and a closet to organize. At this point my closet has turned into a floor-drobe (read: my closet is on my floor). If I manage to get all that done tonight by a decent hour I will try to do a workout video or some callisthenics.

I also have to start making my official lists to pack for NJ. So far, thinking about it, we're going to have to spend at least $300 on D to fix up his wardrobe. He's lacking in shorts and swim trunks and his t-shirts are looking a little sorry and a lot have holes in them. He also needs new sneakers as the ones he has are falling apart and he will need flip flops for the beach. So this will add up. I think it's doable to get all this by the end of July and to restock his wardrobe the $300 is not horrible but I wish it wasn't necessary. We also have to buy toiletries and sunscreen so that will be a bit of money at the drug store. On top of all that, I have to restock my supplements and diet pills. Yay.

On my financials, I plan on taking my RRSPs from Costco and applying them to my credit card to help pay it off. I have about $1200 there and after taxes I should have about $1000 to apply to my credit. I just have to go through the arduous process of getting the money from Manulife. Yay...

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