Tuesday, July 6, 2010


So It's been one hell of a heat wave. We're on day 3 now and it's only going to START cooling down on Friday!

I  love the heat because I'm NEVER hungry! I didn't eat yesterday I didn't eat today (minus a bite of D's pita) and I probably wont eat tomorrow until my wedding tasting. I am going to try to make it seem like I'm eating but just push stuff around my plate.

Tomorrow is weigh in and I hope I see a smaller number!


Bluesfest baby. So I'm at ottawa's biggest outdoor festival of the summer. Its the opening night and so far I've seen (well more like listened to) Dream Theatre and I'm just watching the end of LIGHTS (an indie artist from Toronto) who does electro pop. Right after this it's Iron Maiden. Eclectic...I know.

The last 2 days have been so hot (over 40 degrees celcius with the humidex) that I think I've lost a bit. Ill weigh in tomorrow.

Ok off to the next concert
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