Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Blogging at work is fun!

Hello and welcome Kelly!

Thanks for commenting! Yes, if you read previous posts, I get mad at my scale a lot. It's a love hate abusive relationship. I step on it and it lies to me constantly, I vow to never step on it to save me from the lies, but yet I keep going back. Oh well what can I do. I think I'll move it out of my bathroom and tuck it in a cupboard somewhere.

For the screeching in, we're not sure what we're going to do with the Cod kissing part. Since we're doing the reception at a hall, I don't think I can bring a cod in and just think of howl ong it will take for 120 people to kiss it! I was thinking of tying little fish shaped tags on them and have the guests kiss the paper. Probably the easiest and the most hygenic! haha

So, so far today I have had only a salad made up of spinach, quinoa, beans and beets lol. It was a total of 2 cups all together and only 150 cals. This should get me through the rest of the day and then I'll be able to have some fruit later.

Right now Bluesfest (big summer music festival) is halfway through and I've seen some pretty awesome bands (Hole, Iron Maiden, Metric, Rush, Flaming Lips etc...) and tonight is more of the same. But it is raining SO hard I can hear it on the roof of my building! I don't know if I'm up for going to an outdoor concert in the rain and on a wet field. I think I might just stay in and stay dry and rest for the upcoming concerts (Santana, Matt Good, Mariana's Trench, Great Big Sea and Weezer). At least I'll get in my workout for today instead of rushing to the festival grounds!

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