Saturday, July 31, 2010

Long Weekend!! woo hoo!

So it is the Civic Long weekend here in Canada! Hope you're having a great one Shiloh!

So my weekend is going to be consisting of pushing off cramps and trying to eat as little as possible.

Today I am going to meet up with my mom to do some shopping. She needs to find shoes for her50  dress for the wedding, and I have a $50 credit at one of my favourite stores that expires today. My grandfather will be there too because he has to get a suit jacket altered.

So so far it's about 10 am and I have only had some water. I might see if I can scrounge up something light before I walk to the mall if not I'll just grab a Starbucks coffee or latte (skinny) and sip on that until I go back to my parent's place. My intake is going to be super low for the day because my mom is having D and I over for dinner for D's birthday. So I'm sure that the meal with be highly calorific and my mom is making an apple coffee cake for dessert (totally yummy but lots of butter in that cake!).

Tomorrow will be yoga class and walking around town with D since he has the day off. So plenty of activity tomorrow as well as doing laundry and folding it too (great thing about laundry is that the machine is on the top floor and we live in the basement apartment so that's 2 flights of stairs to carry laundry up and down!). Once my period is over I'll be taking another set of measurements just to make sure I didn't gain inches over the week.

I hate this feeling of being so bloated. Nothing fits right and I have to keep reminding myself it's just water weight and not fat. I know in a few days I will have deflated and things will be back on track. Just a bit of uncomfort and frustration for a few days.

My friends keep telling me I've lost a lot of weight recently but I don't see "a lot" I notice a bit but honestly, it's not that much of a difference from a few months ago. I still have massive hips and a belly. I think I might pick up this 4 day diet I saw on a website. It's pretty low cal but really easy to mask as a healthy diet too. Strict regimen but still not too bad! I'll try to find the link for it and I'll post the link in one of my next posts!

I'll probably update a bit later after I've found my spoils at the mall! But I have to go and get a shower and get ready I have to be there in an hour and still make the 20 minute walk there!!

TTYS lovelies!


  1. Happy Shopping!

  2. Urg, I wish. I'm sick.

    The only time I want to be sick on a long weekend it at the end when I'm hung over, lol.

    Have fun at the mall hun!

    (By the way to answer your earlier question, I'm from the much hated Provence of Ontario, you?)

  3. Darling--i have a feeling your thoughts about your body are probably off and your friends are probably right when they say you have lost a lot of weight.
    I hope you had a nice time with your mom.
    I understand and I'm here for you I just want you to begin to kick those thoughts in the butt that make living and thinking and just wanting to be in this world impossible and it sucks when you feel that way.