Monday, July 12, 2010

Giving up...

...on my scale.

I have decided that my horribly inaccurate scale is not a good point of reference that I'm getting anywhere. From tomorrow morning on, once a week I will take my measurements of every possible body part I can wrap a tape measure around.

This weekend was fabulous on my confidence. Saturday I spent the entire day doing laundry and cleaning (which was a workout in itself). I only ate 2 pieces of salmon sashimi and 2 pieces of tuna. I figured I hadn't had protein or any natural Omega-3s in a while and for dinner I shared a salad with D. I put on a really adorable dress and asked my friend S for her opinion on it (she's my ana-buddy). She said she loved it and it made me look really thin. So it was a bit of a confidence booster.

So yesterday, I did a Bikram hot yoga class (fantastic btw) with my friend T. When we were done, we showered and got changed and went for a walk. We walked around the city for over 4 hours and we went shopping as well. I found my outfit for my engagement photo shoot and I went down a size at the store. BOOM! Another confidence booster. As we were walking around, I was talking with T about how I  was happy that things were starting to look good on me again and she tolde me I was having a really good body day. I said to her, really? She responded by saying, "well not just a good body day but you're overall thinner." Can you believe it?? I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but T is my best friend and she is a total nutrition and gym buff and is currently training to compete in a figure competition. I am secretly incredibly jealous in awe of her body. Hearing that comment from her was the biggest pick me up I could have ever gotten. I always feel inferior to her and I hate standing besider in pictures. Because we're best friends, she wouldn't just say that to me on a whim to make me feel better and she never has. She wont say anything negative but she just wont comment, so to hear her comment like that meant I'm ACTUALLY getting somewhere.

After our day long excursion, we went back to her place and we wondered exactly how many calories we had burned from the yoga class and the walking. I didn't believe it when I saw but...drum roll please....

958 cals for 90 minutes of Bikram hot yoga
1143 cals for 4.5 hours of walking at a moderate pace (3 mph)

which is a total of...2,101 calories burned yesterday apart from my BMR (1486)

Yesterday was also a "high" day. (I zig zag my calories where my high days are on the weekends) I had 1000 calories. From exercise alone, I had a 1,101 cal deficiency but add my BMR and it becomes 1,587. So I lost almost half a pound from yesterday! but my scale showed that I it's official the scale goes out to the curb tomorrow morning with the rest of the trash.

Good riddance!

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