Thursday, July 22, 2010


so i had my first fitting this evening. I got to the boutique and put on my dress and it felt looser (as it should have since i've lost a couple of inches in the last few weeks) but when she started pulling it to pin it...she way saying she had to take it down a WHOLE size!! not just in one place but ALL the way down!

woo hoo!! i have been doing something right!!

but now for the bad news...

i have to MAINTAIN for the next month and a half...that means i CANT lose! :(

I was doing so well and now I have to forcefully stop. well i'm just going to do this...i'm going to stop my intense workouts (stop my cardio mostly) and just work on my arms and back if i do work out. i'm still going to keep my intake really really low...but i'mnot going to worry TOO much if i go over my limit. I hope I can do this...because the alterations are REALLY expensive and I can't afford to have to take it in too much again. If they do I don't want to have it be any huge difference because the lady made me promise to no lose any more weight. :(

anyways good luck to all of you! i'm still going to update for you all but i unfortunately wont be having many size/weight updates.


welcome wickedlucid!!!

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