Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Confrence Calls, Meetings and Boredom

So my day has been VERY busy yet VERY slow.

I've been going through spreadsheets, setting up templates, proofing projects and now I'm setting up for a conference call. Joy.

It may sound busy (I am) but there is a lot of down time between each task because I'm waiting for an e-mail or for a proof to come back to me etc...I've read a lot of new posts from the blogs I'm reading but there always seems to be this lull at about 11 am (my time) until about 2:30 or so. I guess with the time differences people are busy during those times.

I've done well today, just some veggies and half a sandwich (high day) and tomorrow it's back to restricting.

I'm nervous about my dress fitting on Thursday evening. I really hope it has to be taken in a lot since my initial fitting a few weeks ago. I want to see the hips and waist come in smaller. I've been getting a lot of comments from people recently that I've lost weight, i hope they're right and it shows at my fitting.

I just got complimented by my superiors of how prepared I was for my conference call today! :) I never get positive feedback like that! :):):) If you've read back in my blog, you've seen me gripe about work quite a bit. I always get ragged on about anything and everything i slip up on. so this was definitely a move in the right direction yay!

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  1. yay! glad you were praised at work, it always improves my day.

    I'm sure the fitting will go well on Thursday! Good luck!