Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Heat Wave

Sorry for the crappy post/update last night.

D was with me and I only had minutes to blog for you ladies before he came back. He doesn't know about this blog so I didn't want him to get suspicious.

So this heat wave has been crazy. The good thing, makes me not want to eat! I weighed in today and it's official, my scale hates me. I weighed myself at the end of the day yesterday and i was 144 not bad for after having a bite to eat last night and retaining water. But this morning I stepped on again to see if it was lower and there it was staring me back in the face...+3 lbs....i'm a cow. It's funny. It's saying i haven't changed weight really over the last month, but stuff that wasn't fitting me a month ago is now fitting. What's the deal with that?? It's too confusing. I don't think I'm building muscle that quickly for it to make a difference.

I need help. I don't know anyone else this is happening to. I talk to my girlfriend T who is a fitness model (soon to be) and she just says my scale is F***ed. But I want to know how much I weigh...I don't like this not knowing the right number.

I guess I could use these wrong numbers as motivation and triggers, because every time I see them I just think of how much of a failure I am and that I will never accomplish anything.

However, people are starting to notice at work that I'm smaller. I've had a couple of comments over the last 2 weeks. I guess it's because I'm wearing some of my smaller clothes.

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