Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hello lovely ladies!

So I get into work this morning and what do I come to in my cube? A blank screen. We are told to only log off of out stations instead of shutting down (something about updates) so there is always a box on the screen to log in. That wasn't there this morning. I decided that before I call the help desk, I should try rebooting my...bad idea. The next thing I see is "hard drive imminent failure".

So now I IS has my tower and I can't access half my files. This will be a long day. Thankfully I have email and my blackberry!

So last night, Santana was awesome! It was definitely and experience and a half! So happy I went. I only had a fresh smoothie last night and then tons and tons of water. Tonight is Matt Good. I'm not sure if you girls know him but you should check him out. He's a Canadian artist really talented. I'm not the biggest fan but I respect his work. D is the bigger fan.

Today I plan on fasting until the concert to make up for the sandwich I had yesterday. Then I will either have a smoothie or some fruit. Nothing else. Coffee, water and tea is the only allowance for today.

What do you girls think of laxies? I've done them a couple of times. I like doing it every now and again because I like the empty feeling. I don't want to become dependant but I like to flush myself out once a month
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  1. laxies-use sparingly. If they become regular you will have to use more and more to get the same effect and it's really bad for you. Once in a while is no big deal but don't depend on them. I get really mad because sometimes I will use them and feel like they don't even work!! It's been a while though. Oh, and apparently it's only water weight although it is nice to see the lower number on scale.

    Oh, and check out my commments on my last post-I answered your question.