Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Can't Think of a Title


So last night, Hope and I agreed to do a liquid fast together for the next 3 days.

My plan is to do:

Booster Juice (mainly tomorrow since I'll be out and about)
Broth based soups

D and I are on a SUPER strict budget for the next 6 weeks. We just booked our honeymoon to Paris last night and dropped $2600 on our flight! We are flying Air Transat in Club Class so we're going to get a bit more leg room and better treatment than if we flew economy. We had found a great sale with Air Canada with $299 each way ($598 round trip) so we though where can you get a better price right? Well...once we went to set up payment, the taxes and fees charge was $738 per person! which brough the price up to over what we would pay at Air Transat. So to save $50 and get bigger seats and more room and priority seating...it was SO worth it! lol

So since we have no money left (we have to focus on our house downpayment now) he has agreed to stop eating out and start buying groceries! yay! so i'll be having soups for dinner for the next 3 days.

I'm excited to start this and see where I can get by Friday!

Oh! So I FINALLY bought a tape measure last night! You know what that means. MEASUREMENTS!!!! and I finally saw results! F*** the scale the measurements don't lie!

So these were my measurements mid May:

Right Arm: 11.5
Left Arm: 11
Bust: 38
Ribs: didn't take a measuremnt at that time
Waist: 31
Hips: didnt' take measurement at that time
Butt: 41
Right Thigh: 24
Left Thigh: 24

As of Yesterday:

Right Arm: 10.5

Left Arm: 10.5
Bust: 38 (stayed same not too upset)
Ribs: 31.25
Waist: 29
Hips: 36.5
Butt: 39.25
Right Thigh: 22.75
Left Thigh: 22.85

So with the measurements I took back in May and comparing it to last night's measurements I have lost 7.65 inches in 2 months. It could be more, but I had a lot of trouble getting here. I do like the fact that my waist and butt went down almost 4 inches together. that was the best one out of it all! I'll be taking measurements again next week to help me maintain my size. I have to stay in this area until my wedding is over. If I lose an inch or 2 all over it wont be the end of the world but I can't lose that much in one area. Wish me luck!


  1. Loosing inches is great! They say it's a better guide then the scale. Paris for your honeymoon! Awesome. Hubby and I wanted to do europe but with buying the house, having the wedding it was just going to be too expensive. Something had to give.

  2. I am so excited! So far....so good....even though it's only 10:40am, but I am determined to cleanse out my system and get those toxins out!!

    By the way....Paris is fun...you MUST get tickets to see the Moulin Rouge...totally worth it :) and you're right...the bigger seats will make all the difference. Make sure you take either wear flip flops or take your shoes off during the flight...your feet will swell if you leave them on!

  3. Oh, we're still doing a honeymoon but Hawaii instead. We get to stay for basically free there. I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!