Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy Canada Day!!

Well a day late but I wasn't home yesterday!

So I'm starting up the 2468 with my ana-buddy. We met on a website back in the winter and got talking and found out we were getting married 2 weeks apart. We exchanged e-mails then BBM PINs and have been talking every day since!

Anyways...I've had a bit of a rocky start to the plan this week because of my lovely period (not!) and my 200 day ended up being a 450 day. That was Wednesday. Yesterday was pretty much a write-off. I drank, I ate (not horribly but I ate) about 800-1000 cals so I'm definitely feeling a mix between period bloat and food bloat!

The good news is is that I fit into my size 28 Rock & Republic jeans that I bought a month ago for motivation. By the end of yesterday they were a little snug (mix of the food booze and being on my feet all day made my tummy and legs swell). So today I'm combating this effect and I'm fasting before I fall back into the 2468. I have to lose 10 lbs by the end of the month. I'm back working out every day, or at least walking for 2 hours in the evening. I am seeing a difference physically but my scale wont dip down below 141!! I think I just have a crappy scale. One day I can weigh in at 142 (I weigh in first thing in the morning) and the next day I'm at 147 (like this morning, but I can see why for that weight this time).

I want to put a tracker up on here so I can watch the ticker move to my goal, but I'm not sure how to post it and have the URL work properly.

Anyways girls, today is a liquid fast with coffee and water as my only intake and for lunch for that blood sugar spike I have organic, 100% fruit juice which I only plan on having half of (75 cals). So if I can keep my liquid cals under 100 today I'll be perfectly happy.

I did my BMR calculation the other day and found that if I lay in one spot all day and did nothing, I burn 1481 cals in a day just existing. So with my walks/workouts and walking at work and to and from the car etc...i'm burning just over 2000 cals a day. Which technically means, I SHOULD be losing 1 lb every 2 days.

I think my body hates me...

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