Thursday, July 29, 2010

F is for Fail

So yesterday was the day of Fail...

I woke up bright and early yesterday and made it to City Hall all prepared (forms pre-filled and everything) to apply for my marriage license. I'm just about to sign the last couple of papers and I knocked my coffee all over EVERYTHING! so I had to start the process from scratch! Thankfully the lady behind the counter was really nice about it.

So the day went really really well.


half a coffee (spilled the other half)
coffee (at the hair salon)
1/4 mango hurricane booster juice (100 cals)
more water

went to a restaurant with D and only had soda water (tummy was bugging me *wink*)

and then we came home and DA (D's Aunt) had made a new cake recipe for us (i secretly think she's trying to keep me fat??? but that's another post) and wanted us to try it right then and there when we walked in. I had no way to get out of it without seeming horribly rude (she is letting us live there rent free). So I had a piece of chocolate cake wtih fudge centre and lots and lots of icing...

needless to say i felt like puking all last night. But alas I can't mia for the life of me so i just sat there feeling the nastiness digest. I'm sorry Hope. Today is a new day though and I will at least make it to tomorrow morning with nothing solid passing these lips!


  1. I just found your blog and I have to say I am like ridiculously psyched that you are Canadian too. I also think your wedding band/engagement ring is super pretty.

  2. oh my need to be sorry...I probably would have caved in for cake too (cake and pizza are my weaknesses)

    and you are is a new day :)

  3. If that was the only slip up your cals are still low for the day at least.