Friday, July 30, 2010

Hello lovelies!

So i'm officially into full on cramps today :s Sitting here at work makes this impossible to bear! It feels like my lady bits are being pulled out through my belly button. I wish this day was closer to being over! I still have a conference call to do this afternoon and then a whole bunch of nothing.

So i've been nursing my cramps with a lot of dairy today. Milk (skim) yogurt (plain) and just had a little bit of ice cream. Dairy is the only thing that makes my cramps bearable for any period of time (however short it may be). All I know is that tonight I will be curling into a teeny tiny little ball and I will sleep the night away. Try to sleep these things off.

Anyways, sorry for the short post today, I'm finding it hard to really concentrate on anything. Stuipd work ethic....

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  1. I know cramps suck!! Mine have gotten so much better since BC.