Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Monday

Hello lovely Followers!

So it's another Monday. The beginning of the work week. I have to say, September cannot come fast enough! I can't wait for the vacation that my wedding will bring!

So I know I said I wouldn't use my scale anymore as reference of what i'm losing...but what can i say? I'm a glutton for punishment. This time, however, I stepped on this morning and I was down 2 lbs. I couldn't believe my eyes! So I got off, stepped on again and the EXACT same number popped up! So I tried again (I couldn't believe my eyes) and the same thing! I have overcome my plateau! I'm doing SOMETHING right! Now I just have to figure out what that is and stick to it!

The Weezer concert last night was AMAZING! I had so much fun! I danced so much and so hard that from the heat from the crowd I sweat so much I was soaked through. It was a great workout. My legs and butt are SUPER sore this morning from the jumping and dancing. I wish they had played longer though. an hour and a half was not long enough and they could have play many more songs.

I noticed today in the mirror that my collar bones are becoming more pronounced. I'm just waiting for my ribs and hips to start showing. When I lie down you can start to see my hip bones but there's still a lot covering it. Lets hope that my calculations for losing a pound every 2 days starts working out for me!

Anyways lunch is almost over so I have to get back to work. Sorry for the short post. I just wanted to update you lovelies!


This woman is my ultimate thinspo! Nerdy cute and 100% gorgeous.



    hey! i gave your fedora a try... ;)

  2. hehe, suck it wonderwoman

    glad you had fun at the concert!