Thursday, August 12, 2010


2 months! but I did it!!

I've thrown out my digital scale and gone back to the dial one. Surprisingly it's more accurate than my digital. I stepped on the scale this morning before I went to the bathroom (the digital) and it read 141.4 and then I stepped back on as soon as I was done and it read 142.8 (wtf?)! So, needless to say I took the digital and promptly tossed it into the garbage. No more digital!

so now I just need to lose another lb at least before Saturday. my plan is though to get rid of bloat on Saturday morning, I'm going to do a laxie on Friday night just before i go to bed I'll have all morning to deal with it and then I'll just have to make frequent trips every time I consume something solid for the rest of the day. By the time the bachelorette comes around I'll be done, empty and feeling great! (not to mention looking a little slimmer)

Anyways back to work for me!

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  1. To get rid of water weight, you can drink a ton of water (hydrating is the fastest way to get your body to release water) like 90 to 100 oz a day. You can do really intense cardio with a sweatshirt on or you can take some long saunas to sweat it out. Also, drop your sodium consumption (read all the labels on your food) to under 1000mg. Sodium holds I think 12x it's weight in water, or something huge like that.

    Good luck!