Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Success yesterday and fantastic thinspo!

So yesterday was a far better day than Sunday was. After yesterday’s work eats I only had some asparagus and then spent the entire evening packing (D was really sick so I skipped yoga to get ahead on the packing).

Tonight I’m definitely doing yoga! I HAVE to since I have 8 classes left and I have only 8 days to finish them. So I’m assigning D to clean the car and workout what work stuff he wants to keep and what he wants/needs to get rid of. His papers are everywhere because we don’t have a filing system but half the papers are old e-mails he doesn’t have to keep. I’m getting just a little annoyed with him. I’m embarrassed to have people in my car with me since it’s a disaster!! He has to have it all done by tomorrow when he picks me up from work because I want to be able to bring packed stuff to my parents’ for storage until we move. I don’t want to have to keep the boxes at the apartment after next week since I’ll be moving back home until the wedding. I don’t want to spend another minute living with D’s aunt when she gets back from her vacation. I know packing will be near impossible so I want to get everything cleaned, packed and out of the apartment before this weekend. Especially since we don’t know when she’s going to be back (she’s horrible with letting us know).

I have so much to do between now and the wedding I don’t know when I’ll have time for me again! And I’m SO poor it’s really depressing  stupid house.

So I have a canker inside my mouth on my lip. It really stings and it’s really discouraging me from consuming anything but water. I managed to have a cracker this morning and right now I’m attempting to nibble on some green bean salad and almonds but the dressing is stinging my canker and the almond when it’s chewed up is rubbing up against the sore. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing that I can’t eat but I want to avoid the binge monster again so I’m trying to just nibble here and there. I’m on bottle number 3 of water and staring at my lovely little tiny plate of food (only 85 grams of beans and almonds and I think that includes the weight of the plate as well) so I think I’m probably under 100 cals (but that’s IF I can manage to eat it at all). I’ve resorted to chewing some mint gum to keep my mouth busy for the time being and get my mind off of being hungry.

I hope because of this canker I am able to drop some weight like crazy over the next day or so. But my period is coming soon so I know I’m going to be bloating up. I just hope I don’t get it ON my wedding day. I will just be in pure agony if that’s the case. I would rather have it the next day on the plane and sleep through it rather than not enjoy my day because I’m sick!

I have this app on my iPod that is call iPeriod. It tracks my cycle so I know when to expect it. It says that I’m due on the 4th so I would have to be late a WHOLE week to have it effect my wedding day. So as long as it’s only late a couple days I’m in the clear. It will just suck to have it in general on the big day. At least I’m a little more relieved!

Work is starting to slowly kill me. Lol. I really can’t wait until my vacation. I have 10 days until vacation (8 working days) and then 18 days until the wedding!! Things are really closing in! Ack! I have so much to do!!!

Anyone want to come to Canada to be my assistant?? Or heck, anyone in Canada want to be my assistant for the next 2 weeks? It would have to be pro-bono work but I would really really REALLY appreciate it!!

So what do you guys say?? :D

Oh! So last night I watched the Miss Universe pageant. Such amazing thinspo!!! They were truly gorgeous women!!!! It just made me a TEEEEEENNNY bit jealous. They were all super tall and super skinny. It sucks that they fall in that percentage of women that can ACTUALLY look like that! I wonder how many of them actually starve hemselves???


  1. I always wonder the same thing about those skinny pageant girls and models. How many starve and how many are naturally like that? I definitely plan on manipulating my period if I have to for my honeymoon-which you can do if you are on the pill. You must be so excited about your wedding. You sound like us. Moving and a wedding so close together. I am poor too. And it SUCKS. Oh, and I'd love to come to Canada with you and I would aside from the whole job thing! Work is so annoying.

  2. If I could afford it, I would help you, but I know you can do it!