Friday, August 6, 2010


So I'm finally back to 142!

I'm still a little bloated but I'm able to do up my smallest pair of jeans without any muffin top and not look like i'm pregnant under my shirts any more :)

Today my intake before dinner (vegetarian stirfy) is all liquid. I was going to take a picture but I forgot my phone at home.

1 venti Bold brew from Starbucks (black) - 10 cals
1 vitamin water (mega C) - 120 cals
1 Campbell's Healthy Request - Italian Wedding Soup - 120 cals (60 if I only eat half not sure how hungry I'll be yet)
and lots and lots of water
I might have another coffee later this afternoon I'm not too sure.

So by 6 tonight I'll have consumed anywhere from 200 - 260 cals! and then maybe another 200 at dinner so less than 500 today! woo hoo!

I also think i went down a 1/4 inch in my waist. I'll take solid measurements next week once Aunt Flo leaves so there will be absolutely NO BLOATING!! I hope the numbers went down!! yay!

So tonight I'm going to do a Yoga class and on Sunday morning I'll be doing a Bikram class.

Tomorrow I'm going to a big family BBQ so my eating wont be the best but it will be easy to restrict and not eat too much.

Wish me luck everyone!

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