Monday, August 16, 2010

Great weekend but major fail

So my weekend was fantastic! I did so well at eating only good foods at the shower and I only had a teeny tiny salad at dinner at the bachelorette!! I drank like a fish so my calories were astronomical

3 vodka crans
3 vodka soda bar limes
countless pornstar shots (really I lost count guys kept buying and i kept taking them)

So needless to say I was pretty trashed. We actually had a competition that night to see who could collect the most phone numbers. My sister and our cousin teamed up and were asking every guy they came across and were bragging about how well they were doing. I didn't really care about the contest but I got annoyed with their bragging so I decided to pull out "single" TK and show them how it's done. I managed to get 35 numbers that night. I had one guy follow me around for the rest of the night, until he figured that there was no chance of me going home with him. As we were going back to the hotel, these guys asked us what bar was good (it was almost 2 so it was weird they were trying to get in somewhere that late) I got all 5 of their numbers and one guy both his home and cell! lol and requests to join our after party lol. needless to say I kicked my sister's A** and I still have it! :)

Anyways needless to say the next morning was rough. We went to brunch and I had eggs and toast. I then proceeded to snack all day on leftover shower food and veggies. But my hangover and nausea wouldn't go away. So I did the unthinkable...a BigMac meal and a chocolate shake. My system did not like that one bit. I didn't sleep well last night and this morning my body told me exactly how much it hated me. lol So to counter that yesterday this is what i've had so far today:

1 serving oatmeal
1 1/2 cup of beets (no butter or oil just boiled)
Lots of water
diet pills

So I'm sitting at roughly 300 cals for the day.

I'm back on  my regime to get back below 140 again since this morning I weighed in at 141 (water mostly but i'm a little nervous about the McDicks I had last night).

I'm supposed to be getting pics from the weekend soon I'll post pics when i get them

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  1. haha - that does sound like a fabulous weekend though - too bad the hangovers are always so rought ;)

    & the clothing brands you shared have AMAZING things, but none are available to me, but it did give me a better idea of what I want to look for, so thanks!