Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Work has been crazy this week (and it's only Wednesday morning!!)

Everything that could have possibly gone wrong has and things keep snowballing! The stress monster is back...I'm making poor choices because of my stress. I've managed to avoid binges and late night eating but my choices have not been the best (pizza, french fries etc...) I've put back on 2 lbs since the weekend and what I'm eating wont keep it there. Anyone have any tips on how to avoid stress eating?? I could use some distraction tips or mantras. I don't have bad food in the apartment but I'm stopping before I get home and picking up the bad food so I don't even get the chance to get home and cook the good stuff. It's all out of sheer apathy, I do too much at work that I don't want to cook or do anything when I get home.

I know it's my fault and there's no one else to blame for this but me, and I know I probably triggered this when I had McDick's on Sunday night.

Today, I'm attempting to just have coffee and juice during the day and then I'm going to have some steamed veggies tonight between my workout and Yoga class. I'm set on burning at least 1500 cals through exercise (at least 500 with my trainer and 1000 from my Bikram class) put that with my BMR and I'll have burned a minimum of 3000 cals. I hope this will help me drop down one lb tonight so I can get back on track. My final fitting is on Friday so I'm anxious to see how everything fits me.


  1. Eat more during the day at work so you're not so hungry on the way home and have a lighter dinner. Change your route home from work to avoid the fast food and grocery stores - that one helped me alot. Put your purse in your trunk so you can't go through the drive thru, or take out all cash, debit, and credit cards (make sure you're not close to an empty tank of gas though). If you don't have the money to buy it you won't.

    Good luck! you can do it!

  2. I find that if I can make/pack food the night before, after I have eaten, I can just grab it in the morning to bring with me or its waiting when I get home. I'm super lazy when I'm hungry and in the morning.