Saturday, August 14, 2010

The movie was awesome!!! It was definitely a nerd's movie. So many videogame references!! lol I can't wait to buy the books and read the comic!

So I'm back up a lb...I ended up not taking the laxie last night. My stomach was really bothering me last night with hunger pangs and I didn't want to be up all night with the cramping. I am planning on stepping out and walking to Starbucks for a coffee and just drink water all morning. I tried on my skirt last night and it fit so much better than it did on Sunday when I bought it. So I'll feel so much better wearing it tonight. I'm going to buy a coloured bra today to go under my white wife-beater.

If I eat anything today I know it will be burned off while i'm out dancing, it's the only think keeping me from freaking out over the amount of food I'll be coming across today. I know the booze calories are pretty much a lost cause, but it's liquid and I will probably get rid of most of it in the morning. But I am going to dance so hard I will be so sore in the morning.

Alright! Off to start getting ready! I have SO much to do!!!!

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  1. Hey! Thanks so much for your comment! I know how you feel about the skirt, I bought a jacket the other day and by the end of the week it was verging on loose! Feels so good.

    WOW! Cant wait till I get out of the 160's, let alone 140! Congratulations! Keep going you'll totally make it to 127 in no time.

    Hope you had a great night dancing, I did ;) Xo