Friday, August 20, 2010

TGIF!!! The week is almost done!

Ok…so I have been absolutely buried under a GIANT pile of work these past couple of days! You should see my desk right now. I can barely see my actual desk because of all the papers on it! Pretty crazy!

So my intake has been pretty shitty lately. I have been eating breakfast lunch and dinner. In other words…BAD…yesterday wasn’t too horrible though. I had plain oatmeal (no milk) for breakfast and then a tiny salad with beets and grape tomatoes for lunch. I did go to my parents’ for dinner and my mom made enchiladas so that put me a little over my desired limit but I still managed to stay at a decent number (approx 800).

Today, I am doing a fast with Jess. I am going to see how long I can extend this fast for. I’ve already taken 3 diet pills and my daily vitamin. So I should get nice and jittery really really soon. I have black coffee and a giant water bottle beside me. In case of emergency I bought one of those smoothie fruit purées from Starbucks if I feel that I’m about to cave. I definitely HAVE to last all day today because I have my final fitting after work today. I have to make sure that I didn’t gain inches over this past weekend.

I haven’t had a proper #2 since just before the bachelorette. But I’ve also been too nervous to take my laxie…I’m not sure why, I keep telling myself I don’t have the time to devote to flushing out my system. It’s kind of true. I usually take it at midnight so most of it affects me early the next morning and the last little bits while I’m at work. My workload has been so crazy with proofing and meetings that I just couldn’t devote that kind of time away from my desk.

Ok, so I’m writing this post on a Word document because I won’t have access to the internet before lunch so I’m posting this way. The giant coffee and the diet pills took a bit of a laxative effect and needless to say without going into too much detail, I’m fairly emptied out. So my goal for the rest of the day is to drink as much water as I possibly can. I will not be getting up from my desk unless it is to do something related to work. I will not go to the cafeteria (I can refill my water bottle at the fountain) and I will not have any snacks/cake at the birthday part my department is having for a coworker.

So it’s almost 11 now, and I’ve done really well. I’ve only had coffee, pills, water and gum. I’m really nervous about my fitting. I really hope it’s not too small. I asked them to take it in so it would be tight. I just need it to zip up. I can work on any discomfort between now and the wedding. I’m cutting out salt from my diet between now and the wedding. So raw veggies or steamed veggies. No sauce no seasoning, just garlic and that’s it (if I choose). I really hope that I can be super skinny by the time I come back from my honeymoon. I will be constantly walking around Paris (cheaper) so I will work off all that I eat. I will be living on coffee most of the time but I will have to eat because I will be around D 24/7.

So tomorrow I will be having a spa day. I got a gift certificate for a spa package called Chocolate Delights and I am cashing in this weekend (believe me, I need it!). I get a moisturizing white chocolate truffle body wrap, and then a mani and pedi with smoothie and chocolate soaks and scrubs. It will be to die for! I just hope it doesn’t give me a real craving for chocolate or sweets. I have decided that I will lock myself in the apartment tomorrow (other than the spa day) so I can avoid anything bad. If I decide to break my fast tomorrow night, all I have in the fridge is veggies and 80 calorie bread. So unless I eat everything in the fridge I will only have a low calorie count by the end of the day! But I don’t plan on breaking my fast at all!

So I have a new BBM buddy! 100% to die for (her blog is All the makings of insanity). We started talking yesterday and it was a blast. The only downside is that she lives all the way in Australia!  So far we’ve only talked just as I’ve gotten off work and she was going to work! Lol so I will definitely enjoy talking to her, even though our time we get to chat is short!

I want to wish her good luck on her liquid fast this weekend!!

Anyways that’s all I can think of right now. I’ll post again if I have more to talk about. I’m about to go on “lunch” and I’ll be burying myself into my book! 

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