Saturday, August 21, 2010

Happy Saturday!!

I have been doing pretty well...Yesterday was awsesome!

At work it was just coffee and juice and water. It was great!

After work I went and had my final fitting of my dress and it fit perfectly!!! (well I could lose another inch in my hips but there's plently of time for that!) So my dress is now hanging up at my parent's house!! yay!

So after my fitting, I picked D up from work with our friend SB and we went shopping to finish D's suit for the wedding. He needed shoes a shirt and a tie.

Well we found him shoes for his suit, and another pair for every day. Then I found a pair of black booties and a pair of brown over the knee boots...I also bought the purse from Marciano that I've been eyeing for weeks! Needless to say we dropped TONS of money lol about a grand between the two of us yesterday! lol

So after our shopping spree, we went for drinks (it was about 10 pm) I just ordered some soda water and enjoyed sipping on that with some lime slices in it. All of a sudden D turned to me and said "I haven't seen you eat at all today. Did you even eat dinner?" I made some lame excuse about having some vegetables before I picked him up from work but he wasn't impressed and pushed his plate of nachos infront of me. I didn't have a choice...I took a few onto my plate and nibbled at 4 nachos (i made sure to get none with any cheese on it and I passed up the guac and the sour cream) So last night was a bit of a let down but 4 nachos with some salsa and peppers is about lets say max 100 cals but i made sure to have one jalapeno slice on each one to speed up my metabolism a bit from the spice. Today it's currently noon and I'm just sipping on my first coffee of the day. So it may be back to square one but I'm going full force.

Anyways, time to get ready for the spa. I'll take some pics with my blackberry and post them later on my way to the spa so you can all see my spoils!! lol

wish me luck today, I'll be at the spa until 5 so that's a whole afternoon with no access to food, only coffee and water! woo!

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