Tuesday, August 10, 2010

So I fell asleep

That means plan B.

I have 3/4 cup yogurt (200) and 1/8 cup granola (100)

I have my giant coffee (black = 0) and a 2L bottle of water. This is all I am having today before my workout. I have to get to the gym or the yoga studio every night this week. I need to burn what is already in me. I wont eat more than 500 cals a day until the shower.

I am going to pick and choose what i eat and maybe nibble on a few things. I'll just keep food on my lap to make it look like I was eating all day. The evening will be hard because my girlfriend is making spaghetti so I'm going to try to avoid that meal like the plague. I'll be consuming enough calories in booze alone to rack up somewhere in the thousands. I can't stick to my vodka water lime that I usually drink (very low cal) because I'll be getting fed shooter after shooter all night. Liqueurs have so much sugar...Baileys, sourpuss, blue curacao and all of those types of things. I do have to put a limit. I don't want to be puking my guts out so I have to Vito certain alcohols.

Today is going to be a LONG day at work. I have to get 5 ads done for one project I'm doing and I'm getting a proof from a client today that I will only have until Friday to get back to them. i have to get 15 different sign offs on this proof...it wont be fun :S

So my scale is gone wonky again...both of them...i think it's the humidity in the apartment. I took my measurements this morning and I've gone down about .25 inches in all my measurements...a lot have stayed the same but some did go down. I'm just confused. I feel that before my period i was tighter and more toned and now I've "lost inches" but i feel flabbier...it's not making sense in my head.

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  1. I've used the "high sugar drinks give me a wicked hangover/makes me sick" line a bunch of times and never gotten a second glance if that helps...?

    You can also go with the "Mixing too many kinds of liqour makes me sick/drunk too quickly/hungover" then just stick with vodka and one or two others.