Friday, August 13, 2010

Moving forward

or down...however you want to put it...

Stepped on the scale after I got home from work...138!!! I'm DOWN 2 LBS!!! I don't know how it's possible but it is!!!

today all i had was a cup of soup and coffee...and lots and lots of water...this is the fastest things have moved down...a Lexie tonight and i MIGHT just get down to 136!! I haven't seen these numbers in years!!! I'm SO happy!! I'm not eating anything for the rest of the day even at the movies tonight. I'm going to see Scott Pilgrim vs The World. An Epic Movie of Epic Epicness...I have to agree with the preview critique looks pretty epic...I'm really excited.

So tomorrow morning is going to be busy busy!

I have to be ready by noon and this is my to do list:

Shower (obviously)
Wash face
Face Mask
Hair treatment
style hair
iron dress
do  make up

Looks like I wont be sleeping in like i planned! lol

I'll update you all on the shenanigans of Saturday night on Sunday. Maybe post a pic or two!


  1. Great Job!!! Have fun tomorrow :)

  2. That's so awesome. When you are loosing and get that excitement over your numbers it really helps keep you motivated. Have fun

  3. That movie looks awesome! Have fun!

  4. AH! I can't wait to see that movie!