Thursday, June 3, 2010


Doing a liquid fast today. I took the idea from Jess. Let's hope I can make it.

I've let myself go, and I've been consuming close to 1000 cals all week. If I'm eating ANYTHING I shouldn't be having more than 500.

The stress at work has been killing me. My boss doesn't like me,and it feels like he's looking for ANY excuse to get rid of me. So I'm constantly on my toes making sure I don't do anything wrong but at the same time because I don't feel valued, I'm not motivated to work. Oh, I still get my work done, but when I have a slump in my workload I don't go searching for more work to do anymore. I'm not sure if anyone out there feels like they're being micro managed every day, but that's how I feel. I keep getting told that I rely on people too much to do my work. So I try to be more autonomous. Then I'm given constant supervision...that makes no sense...and I'm told that these people are here to help me so I should work closely with them. THEN, when I have a question because I don't know something the tell me..."You should know that," or "what do you think?" Well I wouldn't be asking if I knew how to do it!

I think I should start looking for a new job. I feel my old habits setting in. I'm not happy so I stop caring and I shut off, and that means I don't watch what I eat.

So, today it's nothing but coffee (with a little milk), water, tea and a small 8oz glass of organge juice at lunch.

I'm going shopping with my mom tonight after work, so that should be fun!

I think on my lunch break I'll let you know how my wedding plans are coming along!

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